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Design in branding (Logo design)

Branding is an important part of the modern business. Throughout time, branding trends change and improve. For potential customers is important to understand what represents your company. If you’re a serious organization (or want to become one) you need to seriously think about how you will position yourself in the market. The success of your brand depends on many components and branding plays a very important role in your company’s development.

We begin a series of articles in which we will talk about the visual identification of brands. In our series, we will look at the influence of design on marketing results, as well as a look at a few examples of the excellent work of graphic designers who tried to combine beauty, style, originality and information content.

We live in a time of rapid growth and development. We don’t have a few years left, for business development. We are well aware that today, every minute counts to us and our business. If you seriously want to increase awareness of your company (for example, not big business that you have decided to expand), firstly you need to think about the first visual identity – logo design.

Logo design is a very important point in the branding. You must be very serious about it as a customer and performer. To begin with we give a few examples from the past. Note that the majority of companies have changed the logo in the course of its development, as well as the emergence of new trends (including the design).


In most cases, the changes and metamorphoses are simply colossal. But sometimes happens that the result of evolution is almost indistinguishable to the average person. For example, the updated logo of the Moscow metro.


Here are some examples of logos that reflect the current trends in graphic design.
Negative space



Geometric Figures



Material Design




Logo Design is not a simple process. The designer must fully learn the specifics of the company. Learn your target audience. Try to understand all the customer’s preferences. Navigate to the color scheme of the company (about the creation of corporate colors, we will discuss in the next article).

There are a huge number of logo interpretations. Graphic designer can create a logo by using only fonts. Maybe add a mark. Designer can combine mark and font.  Also he can make the logo colored or monochrome. He can use the negative space and many other trends. But the most important thing to consider when creating a logo is – global goal and philosophy of the company.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Next week I will publish an article entitled The color is everything” or corporate colors.